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Interactive Day San Diego through the Eyes of i.d.e.a.




June 20, 2012


Social Media, Digital

On Friday, i.d.e.a. attended Interactive Day San Diego, and instead of telling you everything you missed, we thought we'd tell you what we collectively took away from the event. If you really want the full experience, check out the tweet stream of #IDSD where lots of tweeps have shared what they loved, what the needed more of, and quite frankly, what needed more bandwidth (besides the wifi).

Jon Bailey, chief relationships officer

We work in the most amazing business on earth, full of creative, passionate, and amazing people that inspire each other to push our limits every day. I learn from each of them - and wouldn't have it any other way.

Ryan Berman the 1st, chief creative officer

My grandest take away from the conference was that technology remains 'the great enabler'. But the great enabler is nothing without a bulletproof story. With 27 million websites launching a month -- 500 million websites in total -- you better have a real, authentic story to tell. If consumers don't really need you in their life, if they aren't willing to share your story with others, you're in trouble.

Sterling Doak, director / consumer behavior

1. You can't rely on technology. The Google fast track session on brand marketing efforts melted down. The presenter needed to play a bunch of YouTube vids with their TV spots and the wifi was failing him. Blew his whole presentation. Moral of the story: Be prepared for technology to fail you and have a backup plan when it does.

2. Your personal brand is more important than you think it is. Our own Ryan Berman moderated a session on personal brands - People Are Brands, Too - with Sam the Cooking Guy, Crosby Noricks/PR Couture and Alison Flierl of Team Coco. One thing stuck out to me and I tweeted it during the session, "Big takeaway from the personal brand session: don't be defined by your day job. You bring more to the table by creating a pers. brand #idsd."

Gary Ware, director of digital experience

One of the biggest takeaways of IDSD was the validation that I received from the sessions that I was on the right track. As Digital Marketers we spend a lot of time isolated at our desks with limited "in person" human interaction, so it's refreshing to meet-up with like-minded professionals to share war stories from the field.

The digital industry is still in its infancy, and we are the pioneers writing history. I feel Seth Dallaire of Amazon said it best during the lunch keynote when he said you need to have a high risk tolerance to work in this business.

Kirsten Everett, Brand Supervisor

It's a social world and these statistics prove it!

  • 1 out of 8 online minutes are spent on Facebook. Based on time spent socially interacting online, 3 out of 4 minutes are spent on Facebook
  • 2 out of 5 Americans are on Facebook daily
  • Facebook serves every 4th display ad in the United States, more than all major portals combined
  • Watch Pinterest closely. In May 2011 the platform had 1/2 million users and in May 2012 a reported 20 million users. The platform has had a major impact on the way consumers make purchase decisions. Instead of researching products via search engines, people are looking on Pinterest and taking action.

Whitney Benjamin, social / reputation strategist

 I loved Rand's session from SEOmoz. His presentation reminded me that content goes far beyond the words you write on a blog or through a Facebook post. Content is your platform. Build a great platform that allows for easy sharing, because that is the way we behave digitally... If you let us.

In the end, the key is quality content, authenticity, and thinking of the customer's experience however and wherever they interact with you and your brand. Make sure the left hand is talking to the right hand and everyone in between.


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